Components Brass


Kick some brass with a variety of high-grade cases that are precision engineered. They’re ready to load and give you reliable performance every time you pull the trigger.

22 TCM U/P 380 ACP U/P 9mm U/P
38SPL U/P 38Super U/P 357 Mag U/P
40 S&W U/P 10mm U/P 45 LC U/P
45 ACP U/P 30M1 U/P 223/5.56 U/P
300 AAC U/P 308/7.62*51 U/P  
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Components Bullets


Our bullets are made with pride to deliver performance down range with each shot. Known for precise tolerances, each load is built for accuracy.

22 TCM 40gr JHP 380 ACP 95gr FMJ 9mm 115gr FMJ
9mm 124gr FMJ 38/357 158gr FMJ 38/357 125gr FMJ
40S&W/10mm 180gr FMJ 45 ACP 230gr FMJ 30M1 100gr FMJ
223 62gr FMJ 223/5.56 55gr FMJ 308 147gr FMJ
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Components Primers


Armscor primers are tested and certified to be safe and reliable. They’re non-corrosive and contain no mercury for peace of mind. And they’re perfect for reloading many calibers.

Small Pistol Small Rifle Large Pistol
Large Rifle Small Pistol Magnum Large Pistol Magnum
Large Rifle Magnum - -
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