First Time Owners

As a responsible firearm owner, you must read the USER MANUAL of your weapon thoroughly before you handle it. A product specific manual will be provided with each new Rock Island Armory weapon. 

This USER’S MANUAL is designed to assist you in learning the proper use and care of your handgun. After reading this manual, examine your handgun carefully and ensure that you understand all the features associated with it. This includes knowing it’s basic parts, how the safety features operate, how to open and close the action, and how to safely load and unload ammunition. Remember that improper use and handling of this handgun is dangerous, may void the warranty, and could cause severe injury or death.

Rock Island Armory weapons are as well made as modern technology allows and will give you a lifetime of reliable service, security, and pride of ownership. Use it properly and take good care of it, as per the instructions given in this USER’S MANUAL and do not hesitate to ask pertinent questions from the manufacturer or from competent gunsmiths.

The USER’S MANUAL that comes with your weapon should always be kept available for reference and should accompany the firearm if transferred to another party.