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Got a question? Check out the section below and see if we've already got an answer for you. If not, please send an email to or use the chat feature below. 

Factory magazines are available at Advanced Tactical

Replacement parts are available at Advanced Tactical. You'll be able to select and purchase available replacement parts for your firearm. You can contact us via or using the chat feature below.

We suggest using Wolff gunsprings.

Recoil Sprint Weights:

  45ACP 40S&W 9mm TCM22 XT22 10mm
Full Size 18 lbs 16 lbs 12 lbs 7 lbs 7-8 lbs 20 lbs
Mid-Size 20 lbs 20 lbs 14 lbs 9 lbs N/A 24 lbs
Compact Size 24 lbs 20 lbs 16 lbs N/A N/A N/A
  • Guns with serial numbers greater than RIA130000 must have the 20 pound spring and 22 coils.
  • Guns with serial numbers lesser than RIA130000 must have the 20 pound spring and cut down to 18 coils.

Mainspring (Hammerspring) Weights

  45 ACP 40S&W 9mm TCM22 XT22 10mm
Full SIze 18 lbs 18 lbs 18 lbs 17 lbs 17 lbs 25 lbs
MId-Size 20 lbs 20 lbs 18 lbs N/A N/A 25 lbs
Compact Size 24 lbs 22 lbs 18 lbs N/A N/A N/A

1911 pistols are designed to run with a generous amount of oil applied to its moving contact areas such as the rails, barrel and bushing, barrel lugs (top lugs an bottom), slide stop and barrel link.

We recommend Tetra.

Our 1911 Frames are Cast 4140 Carbon Steel and our Slides are Forged 4140 Steel.

Unfortunately we do not sell directly to the general public. Our guns are transferred from our warehouses to distributors and from distributors to dealers around the United States.

If you have further questions, you can contact or use the chat feature below.

Send us an email at  or contact one of our customer service agents with the serial number of your firearm.

All of our guns are 70 series.

Yes all of our guns are +p ammo ready, but please use only when necessary.

The CA item numbers are the following:

Handguns: 51453, 51473, 51815, 51814, 51615, 56418, 51414, 51868, 56419, 51434, 51283.

Shotguns: CR-103, PA12H18, AGM5, TPAS, CR-108, PA12H28MAX-P, PA12H28TIM, PA410H26, PA20H26, PA12H28, PA410H26MAX-P, PA20H26MAX-P, MR25-P101-MC, P-100, SA12H28MAX-P, SA12H28TIM, 12RSS24, Tk-113, TK-104, TK-105, VR80-CA, VR80-FL-MRB.

Please use search function at top right to locate the item number.

The MA item numbers are the following: 51421-MA, 51416-MA, 51417-MA, 51453-MA. Please use search function at top right to locate item number (Please exclude the –MA)

Please refer to our warranty policy here.

Please fill out form here and complete online warranty form. In comments section, please put “Warranty Registration."

Standard snag-free dovetail

  • Front Sight .330" x .075" x 65º
  • Rear Sight .495" x 65º dovetail cut.

Please go to and register to be a dealer. Once given dealer status, you will be added to website as a dealer for search and you will be able to buy as a dealer off . If you do not want to register on, please send an email to and ask to be registered as dealer. You will be sent an email to start the dealer registration process. 

To keep our firearms affordable, one magazine is included with each firearm purchase.  Additional magazines for your firearm(s) can be purchased at Advanced Tactical or other after market magazine manufacturers.

NOTE: Rock Island Armory's lifetime warranty only covers factory magazines.   

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