Eric Grauffel

  • Born: December 8th, 1979
  • Residence: Quimper, France
  • Strength: Accuracy-Motivated-Dedicated
  • Number of Wins: 250+
  • RIA of Choice: Anything that shoots 22 TCM


The world champion of competitive speed shooting

At age 30, Eric Grauffel is effectively the world champion of competitive speed shooting. His perseverance and dedication to the sport has been with him since his first year of competition at the age of 10.

As a member of Team Armscor, Eric joins JJ Racaza as a top tier shooter in championship matches throughout the world.

Eric is a perfectionist with his sport. Using Armscor ammunition as his choice round for practice, he’s estimated to have gone through 3 million rounds since 1995.

In 2012, Eric ranked #1 in over 9 world class competitions including Armscor’s own 12th Annual Bolo Cup. Taking a labor-intensive approach to his training, Eric devotes his off days to reloading his ammo himself and refining his skills at the range. His future is bright with moving to IPSC Standard or USPSA Limited Division, along with plans to shoot open rifle in the next world shoot with Armscor ammunition.