JJ Racaza

  • Born: April 16, 1980
  • Residence: Las Vegas, NV
  • Education: Seton Hall University
  • Strength: Speed Shooting, Fitness and Agility
  • Highlights: 3x World Speed Shooting Champion, Level 3 majors, 50+ Competition Wins
  • RIA of Choice: I absolutely love the TCM and how it shoots. Plus, not many have them so it sets you apart from the crowd of shooters.


Currently one of the most accomplished shooters on the planet, JJ Racaza is at the top of his game.

His most recent accomplishments include leading Team USA to gold in the IPSC World Shoot and placing #2 in the overall. In July he took his skills to the 2013 World Speed Shooting Championship, winning the title and beating the previous record by over one second.

Born in Cebu City, Philippines in 1980, JJ’s career as a professional shooter arguably began at the age of 6.  By the time he turned 13, JJ was already considered a rockstar in the Filipino competitive shooting industry.  JJ has recently resigned from the Department of Homeland Security to start his own shooting school and business in Las Vegas.

With a motivation and competitive spirit to boot, Armscor precision is proud to have him at the forefront of the Team.

JJ specifically endorses Armscor’s ammunition line.